Paid advertisement is the best way for instant result, it’s budget based promotional activity for quick result for limited time period. The complete advertisement process is depend on budget, if would like to run for limited day, you can. If you want for long time then you will have to invest a huge amount.

The complete Ad process is depennd on your budget. More you invest, in return you will get more business leads. Less you invest, in return you will get sufficient business leads.

Paid advertisement is best for all type of businesses, individual operated business to large orgnizations.

Ad Platforms

  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook Ad
  • Instagram Ad
  • Linkedin Ad

Ad Benefits

  • Per day sufficient business leads
  • Per day budget management
  • Run for 1 day or long time
  • Stop at any day
  • Run in your selected location
  • Run Ad in other countries
  • Specify your leads to receive
  • Drive max traffic to your website
  • Instant get promoted for newly emerged business

Ad Management Cost

Ad set-up cost: $50 (one time, first month)

Monthly Ad management cost: $100/per month

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